• Concrete is a material that allows you to do many works in your house, not only structural, but different works in which your use can not imagine, all beautiful and useful, are constructions of different sizes, for different uses, but with a lot of personality 


  •  A path that takes you through the garden of the house or comes to the pool if you do concrete will have no problem for the speed that you can do. It does not necessarily have to be straight, that's the advantage of this very special material.

Swiming pool

  • The wall that contains the pool is made of concrete and under the water level there is a space to place cushions and informal furniture to enjoy the recreational atmosphere of this area.

Foundations of a palapa

  • A good outdoor table is this one, with its concrete sheet, well elaborated very thin, completely smooth and with metallic bases in black. An elegant way to have an outdoor table that we are sure will not deteriorate with time.

Concrete planters

  • On this balcony, for the planting of ornamental plants, these rectangular pots of smaller thickness were placed, to serve as a container to these lightweight plants. A very harmonious detail with the white stone bases, the floor and the wooden benches. Un detalle muy armónico con las bases de piedra blancas, el piso y los bancos de madera.

Concrete cubes

  • Some concrete cubes that illuminate the garden, a very elegant way to solve lighting and the source, you can always find the way you can use concrete, to give you a new life to the elements that make up your house, leaving the material at sight, without coating.